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Stay Clean and Comfortable with Fixed Braces

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Hey there, brace-wearers! Get ready for an exciting smile transformation on your hands (or rather, in your mouth)! We know that keeping your teeth and gums healthy with braces can be a bit of a challenge, but fear not! With a dash of effort and the right products, your smile will shine bright and healthy throughout your treatment. Let's dive into some simple tips to keep you feeling fantastic while rocking those braces:

Embrace Oral Hygiene

Wearing braces means you've got to be an oral hygiene superhero! These little guys love to trap food, promoting plaque formation, and causing trouble for your gums and enamel. But fear not, with some daily oral hygiene habits, you can prevent plaque build-up and save the day.

Brush, Brush, Brush!

The foundation of your oral hygiene quest is effective brushing! After every meal and snack, grab a soft-bristled brush and take your time to brush your teeth and braces. Be gentle and thorough, hitting all the nooks and crannies, inside and chewing surfaces included!

Interdental Brushes to the Rescue

These tiny brushes are your secret weapon. They sneak between your teeth and under the wires, taking down plaque bacteria and food debris simply and easily.

Comfort is Key

Your braces are on a mission to move those teeth, so expect to feel a bit of discomfort and soreness. And sometimes, those brackets and wires can irritate your gums and lips, making simple tasks like eating, talking, and smiling sometimes painful. But fret not! We've got three nifty products to keep you comfy during your treatment.

Soothing Wax to the Rescue

Orthodontic wax to the rescue! It's your trusty sidekick, protecting your lips and gums in those first months of treatment. Just tear a small piece, roll it into a ball, and gently apply it to any irksome areas. The wax becomes your comfy cushion, saving the day! Psst, we've got two options: Mint and unscented.

Silicone – The Gentle Hero

Meet Ortho Ease silicone: Soft, malleable, and long-lasting, they're like the kind, gentle giants of dental wax. Unaffected by mouth enzymes and never crumbling, they adhere like champs. Just make sure those brackets are dry before sticking them on!

With these incredible tips and products, you'll conquer your braces journey with ease, comfort, and a bright, beaming smile! Let's get that smile transformation going! 🌟😁🌟

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