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The Ortho Story

Rock your smile game



We are thrilled to welcome you to Ortho Store! Launched in 2023, Ortho Store is dedicated to delivering premium yet affordable orthodontic products directly to your doorstep.

We’re here to make looking after your braces and maintaining oral health simple. Not to boast, but we know a thing or two about orthodontics. Our parent company, DB Orthodontics, has been designing and providing orthodontic products and education to dental professionals worldwide since 1997. And now, our Ortho Store journey is fuelled by a clear mission - to make orthodontic patient care products accessible to everyone, in a one-stop shop. 

To make sure we understood exactly what patients needed most, we asked our orthodontist friends in the industry and carefully listened to what they had to say. This is why we are confident that our carefully designed and selected range of products will keep your oral health tip-top, and your fixed braces and aligners well-maintained - setting you on track to a new, confident smile.

Want to know more? Simply head over to our blog page where you’ll find tips on how to get the best out of our products during your treatment.

Thank you for choosing Ortho Store!

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