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Say Goodbye to Plaque and Bad Breath: Keep Your Oral Appliance Fresh and Clean!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

You've got the perfect smile with the help of your retainers, aligners, or mouthguards. But did you know that without the right cleaning routine, these nifty appliances can turn into breeding grounds for plaque bacteria and dreaded bad breath? Yikes! But fear not, we've got your back (and your teeth) covered with some effective tips to keep your oral appliance fresh and odour-free!

Tip One: Brush Away the Blues

After every meal, make it a habit to brush your teeth and your appliance with a soft-bristle brush and lukewarm water. This dynamic duo will help banish those pesky food particles and bacteria trying to sneak their way in. Don't forget to be a floss boss and use quality floss or dental tape to keep those hard-to-reach areas between your teeth clean and sparkling.

Tip Two: Say No to Gum and Smoking

Eating your favourite foods and snacks during aligner treatment? Absolutely! Just remember to remove those aligners before munching away. Now, here's the deal—chewing gum with aligners is a big no-no. Gum might be sticky, but it's not a match made in aligner heaven. Also, let's steer clear of smoking, which could stain or discolour your aligners.

Keep it fresh, and keep it clean!

Tip Three: Toothpaste? Not So Fast!

Now, you might have heard some folks recommending toothpaste as a magical appliance cleaner, but hold on to your toothbrush! Toothpaste can be abrasive and leave those tiny crevices in your appliance scratched and full of bacteria and odours. Let's keep things simple and skip the toothpaste step.

Tip Four: Retainer Brite to the Rescue

Enter Retainer Brite, the superhero of effervescent tablet cleaners! It kills 99% of odour-causing bacteria, wipes out plaque and tartar, and stays fresh in individually wrapped tablets. Even if they break, they're still potent! Just drop one into warm water in the soaking cup, and voila! Your appliance will thank you. It's versatile too—not just for retainers but also perfect for mouthguards, bruxism devices, sports mouthguards, and other removable devices. Keep your appliances happy and fresh with Retainer Brite every day!

Tip Five: Sonic Cleaners for the Win!

Ready to level up your cleaning game? Enter the sonic cleaner—think of it as a mini dance party for your retainer! Fill it up with warm water, add your retainer and a Retainer Brite tablet, and let the good vibes roll. The sonic cleaner's vibrations (around 5700 waves per second!) work their magic, reaching the deepest crevices of your retainer. Plus, it's not just good for your appliance; it's also a jewellery-cleaning wizard!

Tip Six: Keep the Appliance Box Clean too

Your appliance box, also known as the retainer box, is the trusty guardian of your precious retainers and other orthodontic appliances. Show it some love by keeping it clean and fresh. Use soap and water or retainer tablets to make sure it stays in tip-top shape, just like your winning smile.

So there you have it, our fantastic and fun tips for a fresh and clean oral appliance journey. Remember, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping your smile beaming bright and your breath smelling sweet.

Happy cleaning!

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