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Orthodontic Travel Kit

Orthodontic Travel Kit

The Orthodontic Travel Kit is your ultimate companion for maintaining excellent oral health while on the go. This comprehensive kit contains all the essential tools you need to keep your orthodontic appliances clean and your smile shining bright.



  • Ortho Toothbrush: Designed specifically for effective cleaning around braces and brackets.
  • Ortho Travel Toothbrush: Perfect for travel and onthe-go oral care.
  • 10m Nylon Dental Floss: Glide through tight spaces and remove plaque.
  • Interdental Brush: Reach between teeth and braces with ease.
  • 10pcs Dental Floss Threader: Simplify flossing around braces.
  • Ortho Wax in Plastic Case: Protect your soft tissues from irritation.
  • Dental Mirror: Get a clear view of those hardto-reach areas and ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Two Minute Timer: Maintain proper brushing time with this handy timer, promoting optimal oral hygiene.
  • Zipper PVC Bag: Stay organized and portable with this durable and convenient bag.
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