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Instant Custom Fit Braces

Instant Custom Fit Braces

  • Dentist-made – Developed by a leading dentist and handmade by skilled technicians in the UK. The Instant Custom-Fit provides the highest level of comfort, fit and protection, as worn by pro athletes. 


  • Fit in an instant – Our patented compression cage harnesses the power of the jaw during the fitting process to produce a perfect model of your teeth. The quick-to-fit process takes less than 60 seconds! 


  • Bespoke to you – Unique self-impression fin technology, works with the compression cage to securely mould around your teeth, creating a dentist gum shield with unrivalled comfort and fit. Instantly. 


  • Dentist grade protection – Cutting edge triple layer construction offers the highest level of damage defence, dissipating shock waves from impacts, and reducing the chances of a sports-related injury. 


  • Trusted by the professionals – Brought to you by world’s largest custom-fit mouthguard brand, OPRO. Official supplier to the AYF, USA Rugby, UFC, USA Wrestling, USA Taekwondo, New Zealand Rugby, Pop Warner and many more.
  • Brand Opro
    Material Plastic, Latex Free
    Age range Adult (10+)

    Rugby, Boxing

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