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Retainer Brite - Six Months Supply

Our Price: £33.54

Retainer Brite

Retainer Brite is a highly effective retainer cleaner that kills bacteria, preventing brace discolouration and odour that can lead to ‘bad breath’. Used daily, Retainer Brite will keep your brace clean and fresh!

Removable Appliance Cleanser
* Strong against stubborn stains
* Unique colour change indicator and refreshing flavour
* Effective for retainers, mouthguards, TMJ appliances or nightguards
* Kills germs that cause retainer plaque
* Teenage appeal - No longer do teenagers have to buy denture cleanser
* Sometimes known as Retainer Bright
* The perfect product to keep your retainer bright and clean

36 Tablets per box 

6 Boxes - 6 Months supply = £5.59 per box

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